Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Missed Going to School

Yesterday, I went to my collegiate university to take care of some documents that needs the school seal. It's been more than a year since I last stepped in it and I still adore it. It changed a bit but most of the buildings during my time were still there and improved dramatically.

We used to have only electric fans in our classrooms, but now, most of the school is air-conditioned. Overall, the school looks much better than before.

I miss studying there, not because of friends or the activities, but i missed learning from the teachers who helped me to be what I am today. I miss doing the assignments even if i used to dislike doing them. I miss listening to the teacher especially in Philosophy even though I'm afraid that he might solicit my answer or just an opinion.

Learning things on your own like reading from books or surfing is internet is good but I believe that the teachers are great at reinforcing those knowledge that we've learned from other mediums of instruction.


Anonymous said...

naku, same sentiment here. i also miss the classroom setting, particularly the discussions with the professor and classmates. iba pa rin kasi. kahit na x number of years na akong nakawala sa school, nakaka-miss pa rin.

napadaan lang.:)

Badong said...

graduating na ko. pero ngayon palan parang nami-miss ko na agad yung skul ko.

Mariel said...

I feel the exact same way. I miss school, I graduated last year. :(


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